The main VLS directory includes all faculty, staff, fellows, and administration along with featured students and alums.

Michael Dworkin
Professor of Law

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation

Stephen Dycus
Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Enforcement and Regulation; International and Comparative Law; National Security; Property Law; Water Rights and Allocation; Wills and Trusts

Caroline Earle
Adjunct Faculty
John Echeverria
Professor of Law

Expertise: Land Use Planning and Regulation; Property Law; Water Rights and Allocation; Regulatory Takings; Climate Change Adaptation

Art Edersheim
Staff Attorney
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Civil Procedure; Domestic Violence; Family Law and Adoption; Poverty Law; Property Law

Attorney Mediator
Tim Eichenberg
Environmental Lawyer
Former Chief Counsel

Expertise: Ocean and Coastal Resources

Jeannette Eicks
Co-Director, Center for Legal Innovation
Research Professor
Susan Ely
Adjunct Faculty
Financial Aid Counselor
William Eubanks

Expertise: Food Law and Policy; Environmental Law

Chief of Staff
John Evers
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Trial Practice

Kathleen Falk
Douglas Costle Chair, Visiting Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Advocacy

Joshua Farley
Associate Professor
Stephanie Farrior
Director of the Center for Applied Human Rights
Professor of Law

Expertise: Discrimination Law; Human Rights and the Environment; International Law; International Organizations; Law of Treaties; International Human Rights

Adjunct Faculty
Paul Ferber
Professor Emeritus of Law
Web Content Specialist & Marketing Coordinator
Adjunct Faculty