The main VLS directory includes all faculty, staff, fellows, and administration along with featured students and alums.

Gary Brooks
Assistant Professor of Law
Richard Brooks
Founding Director
Professor Emeritus of Law

Expertise: Environmental Law; Land Use Planning and Regulation

Peter Brown
2017 Human Rights Fellow
Gale Burford
Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Restorative Justice
Junior Systems Administrator
Administrative Assistant
Anna Butenko
Fulbright-Schuman Innovation Scholar
IEE Fellow
Leslie A. Cadwell
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
David Cahill
Executive Director, Vermont Department of State's Attorneys and Sheriffs
Allison Cameron
2013 Human Rights Fellow
Scott Cameron
Member Emeritus, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Marketing Manager
Senior Payroll and Benefits Administrator
Matthew Carlisle
Student Clinician
Colleen Carroll
2014 Human Rights Fellow
Jared Carter
Assistant Professor
Assistant Attorney General
Utilities and Transportation Division, WA Office of the Attorney General
Elizabeth Catlin
Marta Ceroni
Executive Director