The main VLS directory includes all faculty and staff.

Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Education

Courtney Collins, Vermont Law School
Assistant Director
Jared Carter
Legal Writing Specialist
Assistant Professor of Law
Michele Childs
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Animal Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; Domestic Relations; Gender and the Law; Juvenile Law

Cathy Costantino
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Mediation

Mark Cooper
Senior Research Fellow for Economic Analysis

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation

Colleen Carroll
2014 Human Rights Fellow
Allison Cameron
2013 Human Rights Fellow
Heather Croshaw
2013 Human Rights Fellow
Colleen Connor '85, Vermont Law School
Chair, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Executive Assistant to the Dean and President
Scott Cameron
Member Emeritus, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Danielle Changala
General Counsel
Ranger Solar LLC
Chantal Crawley
LLM in Environmental Law Candidate 2015
Jonathan Coppess
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Food Law and Policy

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Climate Change Adaptation; Land Use Planning and Regulation; International Development

Marketing Manager
James Chen
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Administrative Law; Environmental Law; Food Law and Policy; Natural Resources Law and Management

Leslie A. Cadwell
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Vermont Law School Directory
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Marta Ceroni
Director of Programs, Academy For Systems Change
Gregory Clayton
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Mediation; Negotiation

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2016 Human Rights Fellow
Matthew Carlisle
Student Clinician
Assistant Attorney General
Utilities and Transportation Division, WA Office of the Attorney General
Cormac Cullinan
Adjunct Faculty
Vermont Law School Directory
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Claire Child, Vermont Law School
Program Coordinator
Assistant Director, Career Services
Adjunct Faculty
Ben Civiletti, Vermont Law School
JD 2019
IEE Research Associate
International Restorative Justice Conference Coordinator
Donna Coker, Keynote
Professor of Law, University of Miami