The main VLS directory includes all faculty and staff.

Tracy Bach, Vermont Law School
Professor of Law

Expertise: Appellate Advocacy; Health Care Reform; Health Law; Human Rights; Intergenerational Rights; International and Comparative Law; Legal Writing

Betsy Baker
Distinguished Scholar

Expertise: Arctic Law and Policy; International Environmental Law; Law of the Sea

Alex Banks
In Memoriam
Assistant Professor of Law
Staff Attorney

Expertise: Disability Law; Domestic Violence; Family Law and Adoption; Legal Education; Poverty Law

Margaret Barry
Professor of Law Emerita

Expertise: Domestic Violence; Family Law; Clinical Legal Education

Laurie Beyranevand
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Director, Center for Agriculture and Food Systems
Professor of Law

Expertise: Health Law; Administrative Law; Food Law and Policy

Richard Brooks
Professor of Law Emeritus
Founding Director, Environmental Law Center

Expertise: Environmental Law; Land Use Planning and Regulation

Gary Brooks
Director, General Practice Program
Assistant Professor of Law
Joe Brennan, Vermont Law School
Director, Academic Success Program
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Academic Support; Bar Preparation; Legal Analysis; Legal Writing

Manager of Operations, Financial Aid
Audio Visual Technician
General Maintenance Supervisor
Systems Engineer
SalesForce Administrator and Developer
Genevieve Byrne - VLS Energy Institute
Staff Attorney, Farm & Energy Initiative
Institute for Energy and the Environment