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IEE Graduate

Amber Widmayer

Regulatory Specialist
Burlington Electric Department
Institute for Energy and the Environment

Energy Law L.L.M., 2017

Amber Widmayer


"VLS stood out to me as having the only energy law LLM program with a renewable energy focus. Its national reputation for being the top environmental law school, the accessibility and passion of its professors, and its community of students and alumni who are similarly driven to tackle the world's most pressing problems, made VLS the clear choice for me. 

My VLS experience is the reason I am where I am today. I moved to Vermont for the L.L.M. program, and the combination of the coursework and reaching out to guest lecturers and VLS alumni in the Vermont energy community created the opportunities for experience that made me a candidate for my current job. The job feels like a custom-tailored blend of the regulatory, legislative and legal work I enjoyed most in my previous positions. I love working for a municipal utility providing an essential public service and advancing renewable energy policy with smart, dedicated people solving complex problems everyday."