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Allison Silverman
IEE Graduate

Allison Silverman

Climate and Energy Program

JD 2012

MELP 2012

Certificate in Energy Law 2012

Allison Silverman


Allison Silverman is an attorney with CIEL’s Climate and Energy Program. Her practice focuses on strengthening forest governance by working with local communities and indigenous peoples to defend their rights and forests affected by REDD+ initiatives and other activities. She advocates for international climate change policies that incorporate human rights, working closely with partners from other civil society groups and local communities.  Prior to joining CIEL, Ms. Silverman worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council where she coordinated a campaign in Chile to promote energy alternatives to an ill-conceived massive hydroelectric scheme. She also worked on rural electrification and sustainable development as a Fulbright Scholar in Panama.

"Working at the IEE gave me both the substantive knowledge and the professional training required to engage in the energy law and policy sector. I worked on a range of projects that exposed me to different issues, including the smart grid, energy justice, electric coops and energy efficiency, which I continue to leverage in my work today. I am grateful to the IEE staff and my fellow energizers who continue to inspire me by the work they do".