Laurie Ristino


Laurie Ristino is the inaugural director of the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Law School and an associate professor of law. She also serves as the faculty advisor to the student Food and Agriculture Law Society.

Professor Ristino is a legal and policy expert on food security, the farm bill conservation title, ecosystem services, and private lands conservation. Her work is concerned with reforming existing law and policy and developing new policy innovations to address climate change, social injustice, and improve environmental and economic sustainability. Professor Ristino has written law review articles proposing farm bill reforms to address soil and water quality degradation. She is the co-author and editor of a comprehensive book on conservation easements, titled A Changing Landscape: The Conservation Reader (2016, Environmental Law Institute).

She began her career as an attorney at the USDA during the George H.W. Bush Administration. She continued to serve until President Obama’s second term as a senior counsel and in various administrative leadership roles. Her public service deeply informs her scholarship, advocacy, and teaching, which is committed to practical innovation in service to people and the planet. Examples of the project work at the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems reflect these principles and include Blueprint for a National Food Strategy (, the Healthy Food Policy Project (, and the National Gleaning Project (

She has served in various leadership roles, including editor and columnist for the American Bar Association’s Natural Resources and Environment magazine; Vice Chair of the Government and Private Sector Innovation Committee, American Bar Association; Section Leader, Section of Food and Agriculture Law, American Association of Law Schools; and Steering Committee, University of Vermont Food Systems.

Professor Ristino is a Member Scholar with the Center for Progressive Reform and a Senior Fellow with the New Economy Law Center at Vermont Law School.



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Presenter, “Legal & Policy Tools for Dairy in a Changing Climate,” Section on Agriculture & Food Law, AALS, January 3, 2018.

​Panelist, Environmental Law Institute’s event Conservation Easements in a Changing Climate on May 17, 2017.

​​Moderator, Food: What's Law Got To Do With It? A lot., Food and Agriculture Law Society and Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, Vermont Law School, South Royalton, VT, March 16, 2016. ​​

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Moderator and opening remarks, “Biophysical Constraints Panel,” University of Vermont, Vermont Law School Right to Food Summit, June 16-17, 2015.

​Panelist, "Climate Change and Food Security" Agriculture and Food Law Section, AALS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, January 3, 2015.

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​Moderator, Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship, Vermont Law School, October 2013.​

​Presenter, The Method(s) Behind Our Madness, Faculty Speaker Series, Vermont Law School, September 2013.

Awards & Accomplishments


Member, Federal Senior Executive Service, September 2012

Member, Pennsylvania Bar

Member, American Bar Association, Section of Environment, Energy, & Resources

Associate Member, Environmental Law Institute

Member, American Agricultural Law Association