Ian Peterson '16


Ian came to Vermont Law School after working as an environmental planner in California at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. In that role, he helped implement initiatives to improve air quality and protect public health through coordinating regional planning efforts, assisting local governments, and creating analytical tools to estimate project-level air pollutant and carbon emissions. Prior to joining the District, Ian was appointed by California Governor Schwarzenegger to help develop and adopt amendments to the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines for the analysis and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. He received a Master's in City and Regional Planning from California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo and holds a BA in Geography from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

The Clinic’s clients are benefitting from Ian’s background in air quality and climate. He is working on a case involving local citizen concerns regarding the health and environmental impacts of a proposed waste incinerator in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Ian is also involved in the Clinic’s work on behalf of the Northern Plains Resource Council raising concerns over the proposal to construct the Tongue River Railroad to export coal from the Otter Creek Mine in Montana.