Sarah Munger '18


Before coming to VLS, I worked with the City of Austin on their Zero-Waste Strategic Initiatives Team. I graduated from Southwestern University ‘14 in Georgetown, Texas with a degree in Environmental Studies and International Studies. When I was applying to law schools, I knew I wanted to participate in an environmental law clinic. Now I’m one of four 2Ls at the Clinic—the first time fall semester 2Ls have been at the Clinic.

I’ve learned a lot from the Clinic, including that sometimes the answer to an environmental issue means using non-environmental tools and policies. Before coming to the Clinic, I had yet to take an environmental law course. At first, that made me nervous, but after realizing the complexities of environmental law even if I had taken a course, it would have just prepared me with background information. The 1L legal research and writing program at VLS prepared me the most for the Clinic, though the Clinic has taught me how to write more strategically and effectively for clients. The Clinic has helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses, what type of work environments I thrive in, and the issues I am passionate about. People are always asking “What type of law do you want to do?” It’s hard to give a genuine answer if you haven’t experienced working in the field. I’m interested in water, food, agriculture, land use, and materials management issues—all of it. I used to feel pressure to pick one, but the Clinic has also shown me how all these issues can overlap. As I move forward, I hope to have a career that continues to examine human effects on the environment and the resulting impacts.