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Adjunct Faculty
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Clay Mitchell, Esq. PhD

Adjunct Faculty
Online Learning Program

JD, Vermont Law School, 1996

MSEL, Vermont Law School, 1996

PhD, University of New Hampshire

Clay Mitchell, Esq. PhD


Dr. Clay Mitchell is an adjunct Professor at Vermont Law School where he teaches Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy in the distance learning program. Dr. Mitchell is a graduate of VLS where he earned his JD and MSEL in the class of ’96. His doctorate in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies is from the University of New Hampshire where he currently is on the faculty teaching Sustainable Energy and Community and Environmental Planning.

Dr. Mitchell has worked with local governments in New Hampshire in the land use planning and energy fields. He has served as a land use planner and attorney throughout the state. His work includes the development of innovative zoning approaches to energy efficient design, community re-development of brownfields, and a wide range of innovative zoning techniques to protect open space and natural resources. He is most recently a founding partner of Revolution Energy LLC, who developed the first 3rd party-financed (through a power purchase agreement) solar array in NH, the first similarly financed combined heat and power (CHP) project and the only 3rd party financed solar hot air project in the country. Dr. Mitchell has participated at the local and state level in developing projects (13 projects with over 4 mw of capacity installed in solar PV, thermal and CHP) and policies that contribute to economic sustainability and secure energy resources for clients in the public and private sectors.

Dr. Mitchell has served as the Policy Director at the NH Sustainable Energy Association as well as past president of the Board. He sat on the Energy and Environment Advisory Team for NH Gov. Hassan and is the past Chair of the Northeast Combined Heat and Power Initiative Board of Directors.