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IEE Graduate

Nicole Lepre

Policy Analyst
Atlas Public Policy

MERL, 2019

Nicole Lepre


 "I wanted two things from grad school: a more in-depth knowledge of energy policy and regulatory concepts and a more specific idea of where I want my career to go. I definitely got both. VLS fostered my passion for electric vehicles and led me to focus my job search on this specific topic and ultimately end up in a job I love. I get to think about the topic I am most interested in, electric vehicles, all day. During my time at VLS I got really excited about electric vehicles and I focused my job search on EV-related jobs. I got one and now I get to work on meaningful EV-related projects all day. I get to work with some of the most significant players in the EV space such as electric utilities, NGOs, government players, charging providers, etc."