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Kathleen Falk
Keynote Speaker
Online Faculty

Kathleen Falk

Adjunct Faculty
Online Learning Program

JD, University of Wisconsin

Kathleen Falk


Kathleen Falk is the former Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Special Advisor and Government-Wide Lead for Human Services for the Flint Water Crisis. As the lead on the Flint Water Crisis, appointed by the Obama Administration, Ms. Falk managed the complicated set of politics across many levels of government and implemented new health policies and programs created for Flint area residents. As the Regional Director for the U.S. DHHS, serving the Great Lakes states, she implemented the Administration’s agenda, including the Affordable Care Act. Ms. Falk also served for 14 years as the chief elected official in Dane County, Wisconsin. Among many accomplishments, she brought conflicting urban and rural stakeholders together to protect land and water and created cutting edge energy and rural economic development by constructing one of the nation’s few “community” manure digesters.

She is spending the fall 2017 semester at VLS. She will teach the Communications, Advocacy, and Leadership course and an Environmental Health Law seminar. She will also deliver a public lecture and lead a workshop on running for public office.