Matthew J. Carlisle '17


Matthew was born and raised in Carmel, Indiana. As a kid he fell in love with the outdoors and loved to fish, hike, and camp. In grade school he started to play hockey and played throughout high school where he fell in love with the sport. He’s a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan, mainly because Indiana does not have a team. After high school Matthew attended Purdue University and graduated with a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture. In school he had a particular affinity towards the technological side of planning, master planning, and grading and drainage. After college he worked for a large civil engineering firm in Raleigh. While based in Raleigh, he traveled to San Diego, CA, Sarasota, FL, and Durham, NC to do work on many large-scale developments. Matthew specifically worked on military base housing plans, city streetscape plans, and 3-D modeling for client presentation. He became extremely familiar with the city review process and how much city codes differ from one another.

Later, Matthew made the switch to a smaller company and mainly worked on campus and residential design. During this experience he noticed little was done to mitigate issues pertaining to water. Each state and municipality had its own way, none of which seemed adequate. Water was treated as a pest and not given its due respect as the element necessary to live. Flooding was the main concern and the quality of water running off the site was not part of the planning process. This led to Matthew’s decision to go to Vermont Law School and pursue a JD and a certificate in Water Law. His goals are to pursue a career in water law and effect changes in land planning and development, industry, and public opinion about water. Today, he still enjoys the same activities he did as a kid; fishing, hiking and camping, and hopes to protect those natural resources for future generations.