SPEAK Vermont Debate Initiative




Welcome to the SPEAK Vermont Debate Initiative!




Our mission is to promote public speaking, debate, education, and advocacy throughout Vermont. The SPEAK team provides free, public speaking and debate courses. We offer the SPEAK program as either an eight-week curriculum or a day-long seminar. The SPEAK curriculum consists of instructional presentations and interactive group work which focus on the following:


  • Session 1: Why Debate? Debate as a Tool for Professional Practice
  • Session 2: The Principles of Public Speaking: Voice, Body, Structure
  • Session 3: Let's Have a Debate: Selecting a Topic
  • Session 4: Conducting Thorough Research
  • Session 5: Constructing Solid Argumentation I
  • Session 6: Constructing Solid Argumentation II
  • Session 7: Refutation
  • Session 8: Let's Have a Debate: Final Presentation

If you are interested in hosting a SPEAK program at your school or organization, please contact Jessica Bullock at JessicaBullock@vermontlaw.edu. Feel free to read our instructor profiles at "Meet the SPEAK Instructors" or learn more about the "SPEAK Vermont Prison Debate Initiative." We look forward to hearing from you!

SPEAK Instructors

NOTE: The Vermont Law School SPEAK Chapter is a student group and as a separate (but proud!) chapter of SPEAK Inc., a non-profit incorporated in Vermont dedicated to promoting powerful voices by encouraging speech, persuasion, education, advocacy, and knowledge. For more information visit: http://speaksolutions.wix.com/speak.