Faculty Directory

Beth McCormack
Deputy Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law

Expertise: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Appellate Advocacy; Legal Writing

VLS President and Dean, Thomas McHenry
President and Dean
Professor of Law

Expertise: Business Law; Environmental Law; Land Use Planning and Regulation

David Mears
Director, Environmental Law Center
Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Litigation and Mediation; Wetlands and Water Resources; Federal Facilities Regulation; Pollution Laws; State and Federal Sovereignty

Philip Meyer
Professor of Law

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure; Legal Writing; Torts and Product Liability

Marc Mihaly
Professor of Law

Expertise: Land Use Law; Energy Law and Regulation; NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

Janet Milne
Professor of Law
Director, Environmental Tax Policy Institute

Expertise: Climate Change; Land Use Law; Taxation and Tax Policy

Aurora Moses
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Animal Law; Environmental Law; Administrative Law; Food Law and Policy

Sean Nolon
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Professor of Law
Director, Dispute Resolution Program

Expertise: Civil Procedure; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Land Use Law; Environmental Law; Mediation; Negotiation; Constitutional Law; Arbitration

Jeannie Oliver
Staff Attorney
Assistant Professor
Senior Counsel
Professor of Law

Expertise: Climate Change; Endangered Species; Natural Resources Law and Management; Public Lands; Water Rights and Allocation; Wetlands and Water Resources

Craig Pease
Professor of Science and Law

Expertise: Endangered Species; Science and the Law

Brian Porto
Professor of Law

Expertise: Sports Law; Appellate Advocacy; Legal Writing

Anthony Renzo

Expertise: Legal Writing; Appellate Advocacy; Constitutional and Civil Liberties Law

Laurie Ristino
Associate Professor of Law
Senior Fellow of the New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Farm Bill; Climate Change; Ecosystem Services; Land Conservation

Attorney Advisor
Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Appellate Advocacy; Environmental Litigation; Climate Change; Endangered Species; Public Lands; NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

Kenneth Rumelt
Senior Attorney
Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Enforcement and Regulation; Environmental Litigation and Mediation; Hazardous Waste and Toxic Substances; Torts and Product Liability; Superfund

Christine Ryan
Environmental Law Librarian
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Research Instruction; Environmental Law Resources

Robert Sand
Assistant Professor of Law
Former Vermont Governor's Liaison to Criminal Justice Programs
Former State's Attorney, Windsor County, Vermont

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure

Melissa Scanlan
Professor of Law
Co-Founder and Director, New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Water Rights and Allocation; Environmental Law

Betsy Schmidt
Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Nonprofit Corporations; Property Law; Employment Law; Family Law; Juvenile Law