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Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory

Admissions Counselor
Chris Adamo
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Food Law and Policy

Program Coordinator, Career Services
Photograph of Dr. Desirée Anderson
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Restorative Justice

Joe standing on top of a mountain in Maine.
Office Manager
Abigail Andre
Former Associate Director/Senior Attorney, Environmental Advocacy Clinic
Assistant Professor

Expertise: Administrative Law; Civil Procedure; Climate Change; Environmental Litigation; Environmental Law; Food and Agriculture; Oil & Gas; Trial Practice

Program Coordinator
Jim Antal
Conference Minister and President, United Church of Christ
Susan Apel, Vermont Law School
Professor of Law Emerita

Expertise: Clinical Legal Education; Domestic Relations; Family Law and Adoption; Gender and the Law; Legal Education; Reproductive Rights; Science and the Law

Marilyn Armour
Adjunct Professor

Expertise: Restorative Justice

Director, Career Services
Lorraine Atwood, Vermont Law School
Vice President for Finance
Betsy Baker
Distinguished Scholar

Expertise: Arctic Law and Policy; International Environmental Law; Law of the Sea

Adjunct Professor
Robin Barone
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Ocean and Coastal Resources; Animal Law

Headshot of Paul J. Beard II

Expertise: Regulatory Takings; Land Use Law; Environmental Law

Manager of Operations, Financial Aid
Suzanne Bellici
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Restorative Justice; Conflict and Communication