Jillian Bernstein

As a regulatory consultant, Jillian Bernstein JD/MELP'13 is always knee-deep—sometimes waist-high—in the fine print, the do's, don'ts and consequences of legal requirements in the United States and Canada.

Bernstein works for Enhesa Inc., an environmental, health and safety consulting firm in Washington, D.C. She monitors regulations and amended legislation and writes reports for clients—multinational companies—about the impacts on them. She also creates tools for clients to audit their own operations for regulatory compliance and is external auditor for other clients.

"I am proud of my ability to get into the weeds of complicated regulations and pick out what regulatory compliance actually requires under that rule. I am also proud of my ability to communicate regulatory requirements to my clients in a way they will understand," Bernstein says.

While learning those skills at VLS, Bernstein cites classes with Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic Senior Counsel Patrick Parenteau, Professor John Echeverria, and Jack Tuholske, director of the Water and Justice Program, as particularly useful.

"They gave me a thorough understanding of environmental law and the opportunity to struggle through regulations in a safe environment. Most of my work as a regulatory consultant involves combing through regulations and picking out the important parts for clients. I have no doubt I am able to do this with ease solely because of my work at VLS," Bernstein says.