Environmental Law and Regulation in China

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This course provides an overview of the tremendous environmental challenges for China's 1.3 billion people and the efforts to address them through law and regulation. After an introduction to the political and legal system and cultural background of the world's soon-to-be largest greenhouse gas emitter, we will survey the basic regulatory schemes managing air quality, water resources and quality, natural resources, environmental impact assessments, and pending legislation concerning waste management and energy conservation. Among the key issues covered are the challenges of large hydropower projects like the Three Gorges Dam, high visibility pollution incidents like the Songhua river spill, China's burgeoning electronic waste recycling industry, public participation and democratic governance as it impacts environmental protection in a socialist state, environmental enforcement, and the country's approach to global climate change. If there is sufficient interest, we may offer an additional, optional, one-credit session in China immediately following the class, to let students experience firsthand the environmental conditions and lectures and meetings with leading Chinese environmental scholars and activists.  

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