Wetlands Law and Policy

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Wetlands and related waters provide numerous beneficial services for people and wildlife.  Westlands are also subject to enormous development interests.  These tensions are becoming magnified in the era of climate change.  Most environmental lawyers working with land use, public land, coastal, real estate, wildlife, or other types of law encounter issues related to wetlands law and policy.  This course will provide a survey of federal wetlands regulation under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and related laws and discussion on international protections.  We will discuss the basis for federal jurisdiction over wetlands, the fundamentals of the wetlands regulatory process, the role of wetlands in climate change, the relationship to other federal laws, enforcement, international treaties, and other obligations related to wetlands, and scientific and policy issues.  The course includes a complex simulation that provides an excellent case study for the challenges involved in all kinds of environmental law transactions.

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Environmental Law