Environmental Insurance Law and Litigation

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Every lawyer, in private practice, in the business sector, or in government, is likely to be confronted with insurance issues.  This is no different in the context of environmental insurance issues.  This course is intended to provide a broad based introduction to insurance law generally, and more specifically with respect to how environmental issues have forced dramatic changes in the insurance industry, as well as how insurance is a fundamental component of many cases with environmental implications.  It will cover the nature and purpose of insurance, from the legal and economic perspective; different types of environmental insurance products and how they may relate and overlap with traditional insurance products; excess and reinsurance; issues affecting insurers, including tort reform, environmental cleanups, and insolvencies; state and federal regulation of insurers in the environmental arena, including regulation of Vermont captive insurance companies; issues of insurance coverage and interpretation and how that impacts environmental matters; and duties and responsibilities of insurers and insured.  Emphasis will be placed on recent environmental insurance cases which have resulted in sweeping changes in insurance interpretation and coverage.

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Environmental Law