Intl Environmental Law & Policy

About this Course

This course provides an overview of the structure and basic principles of international environmental law and policy.  The first part of the course considers the challenge of addressing global environmental problems in an anarchic system, the regulatory limitations of U.S. law, and the basic structure and principles of international environmental law.  The second part of the course examines in detail the structure of the Montreal Protocol regime as a model of modern environmental agreements.  It also covers several other substantive areas, including treaties related to climate change, biodiversity and wildlife protection, and the intersection of international trade and the environment.  Prior course work in environmental law and/or international law is helpful.  Because of globalization and the world-wide causes and effects of many environmental problems, regulatory efforts limited to individual nations can no longer provide effective solutions.  The ability to understand and manipulate the basic frameworks and principles of international environmental law will become critical to effective environmental advocacy and problem-solving.

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