Leak Detection and Repair

Arkansas has not promulgated any LDAR program beyond that required by the Oil and Gas NSPS.

Venting and/or Flaring

There is indication that AK allows operators to vent or flare gas within seven days of when gas is first encountered. After that time, gas may not be vented or flared unless the operator obtains an exception from AK oil and gas commission.

In fact, Arkansas allows flaring from oil exploration, development, and production when it is required because the hydrocarbons cannon be reclaimed, recovered, or otherwise disposed of in a lawful manner. 014 01 CARR 018.603(F).

Additionally, separators, dehydration units, and compressors located on the production site are not required to be included in a permit application. 014 01 CARR 018, Appendix A, Group B(76).