2019 Spring

About This Class

This course is designed to help you explore what it means to be an effective negotiator and to practice the skills needed to improve on this important life skill.  You will be expected to learn and apply theories from a broad range of disciplines including law, economics, psychology, sociology and management.  These theories will be discussed and debated in class discussions and practice through highly interactive simulations.  The course examines the dynamics, constraints, and skills needed to be an effective negotiator.  It focuses equally on the use of negotiation in deal making and to resolve disputes.  We will conduct simulations in a variety of contexts including face-to-face, over the phone and email.  We will explore how dynamics change when moving from two-party to multi-party negotiations and look at how ethics should influence our behavior.  Readings will need to be completed ahead of time and a final project will be completed after classes.

Method of Evaluation:
Performance in simulations, participation in Class and a final negotiation (Does not satisfy AWR)

MELP:  Distributional requirement  - Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Class Code



Alternative Dispute Resolution