Watershed Management and Protection



2018 Spring

About This Class

This is a capstone course for the water curriculum. It will involve a weekly class seminar and two day-long field trips, a major paper, and a presentation. We have managed to create a dizzying patchwork of water management laws that span local, state and federal jurisdictions. We manage ground and surface water, point and non-point source pollution differently. We have a TMDL process that in many key respects remains unenforceable in court. Yet we have managed to clean up a large number of our nation's waters, and in many parts of the country stakeholders are striving to address the hydrological realities of watershed protection in spite of the lack of a coherent legal framework to do so. This class will first explore the patchwork of overlapping laws and jurisdictions and then explore some of the creative solutions, by focusing on a series of actual watershed case studies. Prerequisite: Water Resources, Water Quality (co-requisite) Method of evaluation: Paper, presentation and AWR (yes)

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Environmental Law