Advanced Criminal Law Seminar



2018 Spring

About This Class

Spring 2018 Topic: Police Use of Force This seminar undertakes an intensive and comprehensive examination of the constitutional, legal, procedural, and public policy issues surrounding a topic in criminal law. The specific topic varies from semester to semester and is detailed in the class description below. For spring 2018 the seminar will focus on Police Use of Force, to include a review of recent high-profile cases. The seminar will: explore the constitutional limitations on law enforcement use of force; the guidelines and protocol used to comply with constitutional mandates; the training and education provided to law enforcement officers; the remedies for excessive force; and, the extraordinary challenges for police in making rapid judgments about whether force is authorized. Students will not only gain an in depth knowledge of the legal issues surrounding this topic but will also learn from guest presenters about how and when force is administered, the methods used, and the internal administrative consequences for misuse of force. Additionally, students will hear from criminal and civil lawyers whose dockets include allegations of excessive police force. Students will submit a graded final project on a related topic of their choosing.

This project may take the form of a traditional AWR or other substantial piece of writing, but it also may take a non-traditional form such as a PowerPoint presentation, proposed legislative initiative, annotated op-ed or magazine piece, or pod cast or other type of audio presentation.

This course satisfies the Perspective Course requirement.

2 Credits

20 Student Limit

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Criminal Law