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Climate Change Mitigation



2018 Fall - 1OL

About This Class

The heat is on, in the courts as well as the biosphere. Seeking to prod faster governmental response to the growing menace of climate change, advocates are turning to a variety of different legal, advocacy, and technological methods to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and reduce the overall impact of climate change on the planet. Climate litigation has brought together an intriguing coalition of states, environmentalists, and "green" economic interests. Emboldened by the landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA, federal courts across the country have handed down a number of important decisions with more to come. Using these decisions and new found powers of the federal and state government, as well as increased technological experimentation, students will consider whether climate change can be mitigated, whether geoengineering and geoforming practices can make a difference, or whether the tide has turned.

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Environmental Law