Moral Philosophy for Professionals



2017 Fall

About This Class

2/3 Credits
Enroll Limit 18
This seminar will examine ethical issues cutting across the professions with emphasis on law. This comparative, case-study approach will equip students to navigate the increasingly multi-disciplinary worlds of law and policy and prepare students to resolve complex ethical issues. Ethical topics include professional character, professional relationships, gender and moral reasoning, loyalty to employers and its limits, confidentiality, paternalism, truthfulness, organizational impacts on individual ethics, corporate ethics, and the just allocation of limited resources. Readings in professional ethics and ethical theory are applied to factually rich case studies that typically involve professionals working together, including lawyers in various fields, environmental experts (scientists, engineers), corporate managers and executives, health care providers, journalists, social workers, and government representatives. Students prepare a seminar paper and present their work-in-progress to the class. Students are encouraged to choose projects meaningful to their personal and career and aspirations. Requirements vary depending upon credits elected. Default registration is 2 credits. Enrollment for 3 credits must occur between the first class and the close of the drop/add period and requires instructor permission and student consent to the additional course requirements. Satisfies perspective requirement AWR: yes Method of Evaluation: paper, oral presentation, class participation

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