Advanced International Legal Research



2017 Fall

About This Class

Advanced International and Foreign Legal Research The goal of this class is to clearly understand the sources of international and foreign law resources, which differ from the sources of common law. Article 38 of the International Court of Justice Statute provides the generally accepted basic sources of international law: treaties, custom, the general principles of law, judicial decisions, and the writings of the publicists. Foreign law research has its own peculiarities. Topics to be covered include hardcopy and online, primary and secondary, international resources; sophisticated searching using Google, Google Scholar, and other databases; understanding the Library of Congress Subject Headings in order to better search our online catalog Julien, the Library of Congress catalog, and Worldcat. The class will briefly cover foreign legal research, including the issue of researching legal materials in foreign languages. The format of the class will include brief lecture, discussion, in class hands-on use of materials to solve research problems, and similar individual assignments. The idea is that we will work through an issue using research materials in class and then as a homework assignment you use the same materials to research another issue. Grades will be based on class participation and successful completion of homework assignments.

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