Comparative Constitutional Law



2017 Fall

About This Class

This unique two-credit-hour course provides students with an opportunity to study Spanish constitutional law in Seville, Spain, during the week of Fall Break. The course is designed to provide students with an in-depth comparison of the U.S. and Spanish constitutional systems. An important objective of the course is to expose students to a constitutional system different from the U.S. system toward the end of making them aware that the U.S. approach to constitutionalism is not the only possible one. Students will learn to work with the Spanish Constitution in solving practical legal problems much in the same way they learn to work with the U.S. Constitution. As students will come to appreciate, this has the important added benefit of shedding valuable light on the U.S. system itself. The course is divided into two basic components: an introductory component taught by a visiting Spanish law professor at Vermont Law School early in the Fall term (classes are scheduled so as not to conflict with other regularly scheduled classes) followed by an advanced component providing more in-depth coverage of specialized aspects of Spanish constitutional law (such as free speech, free exercise of religion, and gender-based discrimination) taught by Spanish law professors at the University of Seville Law School during the week of Fall Break. All classes are in English. Evaluation will primarily be based on student performance on an in-class two-hour exam.

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