Environmental Health Law Seminar



2017 Fall

About This Class

This seminar will cover in a chronological fashion the events of the Flint water crisis with these on-going questions discussed and analyzed: What actually did happen at key steps during the crisis and what did each key leader/player specifically do? What could have been done differently by those key leaders at that step that would have changed what did happen for the better? The weekly reading materials will include press clippings from the news coverage of the crisis, along with the actual scientific studies, agency enforcement orders, court decisions, and other documents. A variety of guest speakers who were/are the actual leaders/players in Flint will be Skyped into class for students to engage them in a direct conversation. Information on the variety of tools that could be used in any environmental crisis, including education, media, legislation, advocacy, and litigation, will be presented throughout the semester. The goal of the course is for students to learn skills that will enable them to analyze any environmental crisis and take specific steps to improve the outcome presented by the crisis. This class meets the AWR and perspectives requirements.

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Environmental Law