Climate Change and the Law



2017 Fall

About This Class

Climate change is the most profound social and environmental issue of the 21st century. This course will integrate the emerging science and law of climate change along with economic and inter-generational equity aspects of the problem. We will consider how existing federal laws such as the Clean Air Act may be used to address climate change as well as how new more comprehensive laws may be fashioned. Different policy instruments will be considered including carbon taxes and emissions trading. State and regional approaches will be considered along with questions of federalism and preemption. Both supply-side and demand-side energy options will be evaluated, along with the transportation and land use sectors. Measures to reduce tropical deforestation and wetland loss will be included. The status of international negotiations under the UNFCCC will be reviewed. Climate litigation will be covered. Guest speakers will provide a variety of perspectives. Method of Evaluation: Three commentaries (500 words each) Final Paper (5000 words) AWR: Yes (3)

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Environmental Law