Advanced Energy Writing Seminar



2016 Spring

About This Class

Seminar topics will include proposals for reducing the economic and environmental costs of meeting energy needs.  Because of its importance for both finance and emissions, the electricity sector will be a major focus of this class.  Weekly readings will focus on textual analysis of writings that have materially changed the world. Each student will need to produce a significant written paper based on sophisticated research and thinking about a key area in energy policy and law. Research projects  may be coordinated with (but must supplement) LL.M. or M.E.L.P. requirements.   Short written assignments will be required every week, in addition to progress on the major writing assignment. 
Successful students should emerge with many of the skills useful for contributing to the work of an energy commission, a law firm with an energy practice, an environmental group addressing energy issues, or a company delivering energy or efficiency services.
Prerequisite:  Either Energy Law & Policy In a Carbon Constrained World or Energy Regulation, Markets and Environment (previously or concurrently) or instructor’s permission.
Method of evaluation:  Final paper (AWR ) ten short papers and class participation.

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