eLawyering: Cyber Security



2016 Spring

About This Class

Organizations and individuals face a multitude of complex threats to confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data and other information in today’s cyber environs. These threats, as well as regulatory requirements, customer privacy concerns, organizational objectives and culture, are key considerations for the development of sound cybersecurity law.  eLawyering: Cybersecurity provides in-depth examination of the law dealing with the security of information and data and its corresponding technology.  Topics will include identify theft and identity protection laws, computer and network security, HIPPA, the SEC and financial industry cybersecurity regulations, social media and cloud computing privacy, social media and cloud computing click-wrap agreements, government surveillance and cyberwarfare/terrorism, and responses and remedies to cybersecurity concerns. Included are detailed analyses of significant legal case studies plus review of applicable international standards, and federal and state law.
AWR is possible.
Method of evaluation:  The grade will be based on a final paper and brief exercises.

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