Women and the Law



2015 Spring

About This Class

This course will explore the multitude of ways that the law affects women, and women affect the law. We will study both historical and contemporary developments, from the Supreme Court’s insistence that women should not be allowed to practice law, to more recent controversies such as those surrounding single-sex education and the regulation of women’s sexual lives. We will read different legal theories about gender as well as the stories of women whose lives have been altered by the legal system. Most of our work will focus on the United States, but we will also examine international human rights issues as they pertain to questions of sexual equality. Each student in the course will write one reflection essay and do one final project either individually or in a group. Students will also be asked to give short presentation on her or his work. Both men and women are encouraged to take this course and all viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged. No prior coursework or experience is needed or required. Students wishing to do a AWR in conjunction with the course will receive one extra credit for their AWR.

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