Estate Planning and Personal Injury



2015 Spring

About This Class

Estate PlanningThis class is an introduction to estate planning including the law of wills, testamentary and inter vivo trusts, basic probate of wills, basic income and estate tax considerations, powers of attorney, advance care directives and ethical and malpractice issues. Students in this segment will learn to draft a simple will and trust for surviving spouse and children, conduct a client intake interview, and prepare a durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney, and living will. Personal Injury In this segment, students will represent either the plaintiff or the defendant in personal injury claim. The segment focuses on the collection and assessment of evidence that takes place during the early stages of civil litigation. Students will learn about the discovery mechanisms available in civil litigation generally, and, more specifically, about the information sharing process between the lawyer, the client, the medical experts and the insurance companies in a personal injury case. Students will draft interrogatories and other discovery documents, conduct a deposition, and manage medical documents and evidence. At the end of the process, students will analyze the available information in order to assess the likelihood of success of the claim at trial, and to make a recommendation regarding settlement. Ethical and professional responsibility issues will be discussed throughout the segment.

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General Practice