Land Use Clinic



2015 Spring

About This Class

The Land Use Clinic is a six-credit course that combines a two-credit classroom component with a four-credit placement experience. The classroom component of the course introduces students to the policies and procedures underlying Vermont’s Environmental Court, to substantive issues that commonly arise in land use practice, and to the competencies that lawyers need for effective representation in this area of law. This land use clinic complements the environmental law program at VLS by providing students the opportunity to understand how land use laws are developed, implemented and enforced, and the role lawyers play in that process.The four credit placement component of the course requires thirteen weeks at fourteen hours per week, or two days per week, at the placement. The two-credit classroom component of the course requires fourteen weeks of class at two hours per class, though some of the classes may be frontloaded. Prerequisites: Land Use Regulation or Land and Takings. Grading: Students will receive a letter grade for the classroom component and high pass/pass/low pass/fail for the placement component of the course. Enrollment limit: 6 students. Satisfies the skills requirement.

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