2014 Fall

About This Class

Several class sessions will be devoted to legislative writing on one or more current legislative issues in Vermont, to be determined (e.g., state law affecting immigration and illegal immigrants, lobbying and campaign finance, environmental and energy issues, etc.). After sessions on the mechanics of legislative drafting and discussion of the applicable Vermont law, students will prepare a bill suitable for introduction in the Vermont General Assembly and will draft subsequent amendments. The legislation will be the subject of a simulated hearing conducted by the class as a group, and a final bill draft will be prepared individually by each student and submitted for a grade. Assigned readings are from "Legislative Law and Statutory Interpretation: Cases and Materials", Otto J. Hetzel, Michael E. Libonati and Robert F. Williams, LexusNexis, 4th edition (2008). Some assignments are from "Legal, Legislative, and Rule Drafting in Plain English", Robert J. Martineau and Michael B. Salerno, Thompson/West (2005). Other assigned readings and materials will be handed out or available electronically at the Westlaw TWEN course web site or other web sites, specifically that of the Vermont Legislature at www.leg.state.vt.us. Method of evaluation: 50% on the legislative writing assignments; 35% on the two-hour final exam; 15% on class participation, including attendance This course is a prerequisite for the Vermont Legislative Clinic to be offered in the spring semester.

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