Law and Popular Culture



2014 Fall

About This Class

Law and Popular Culture explores images of law and lawyers in popular films and, simultaneously, the influences of popular film upon legal practice. Students watch and discuss movies chosen by the instructor for in-class discussion. The subjects of some films focus upon Legal Actors and Institutions; these topics include: Law Students, Lawyers and Legal Ethics, Clients, Witnesses, Judges and Juries. The subjects of other films focus upon legal subject matter areas; these topics include: Tort Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Business Law, International Law and Military Law. The instructor is co-author of "Law and Popular Culture: Text, Notes and Questions." This assigned text provides selected excerpts from the emerging academic literature in this fascinating area and suggests study questions.Method of evaluation: *Final paper and class participation *The paper may satisfy the AWR requirement, with the permission of the instructor. (The AWR paper is a longer research project and has different requirements.)

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