Comparative Constitutional Law



2014 Fall

About This Class

Class will meet for 2 weeks: Week of Orientation and Week of Fall BreakThis course uses a comparison of the Spanish and the U.S. constitutional systems to introduce students to the study of comparative constitutional law. We will compare and contrast the constitutional structures established by the two countries, the different procedures employed for constitutional review, and the different approaches to constitutional review and adjudication. This is a 2-credit course taught in compressed format in two weeks, one taught at VLS and the other in Spain at the University of Seville. The first component, taught at VLS early in the fall (normally during Orientation Week), will consist of a series of classes jointly taught by Professor Teachout and a visiting law professor from Seville. It will introduce the basics of Spanish constitutional law. The second component takes place over the Fall Break at the University of Seville in Spain. It consists of a series of lectures by constitutional experts at the University of Seville Law School. These lectures vary in coverage from year to year but will cover comparative constitutional approaches to, inter alia, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, environmental protection, protection of privacy, abortion rights, and gender-based discrimination. Evaluation will be based on a one-and-a-half hour in-class exam normally scheduled a couple weeks after returning from Spain. IMPORTANT: Students enrolled in the course as of July 8th, will be billed a $300 administrative fee on their fall tuition bill. The fee partially covers the expenses of the visiting professor from Spain and the expenses of holding the second component of the course at the University of Seville with lectures by Seville law faculty. Because of the need for advance planning by our partner institution, students who drop the course after July 8th will forfeit the fee, regardless of whether they complete the course or not. Students enrolled in the course must arrange and pay for their own travel and lodging for the Seville portion of the course. Method of evaluation: Final exam.

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