Experiential Advocacy Program Certificate

NOTE: The certificate is on hiatus for the 2017–2018 academic year, except for students who have already declared with the Registrar. It is anticipated that this certificate will again be offered beginning in the 2018–2019 academic year in an exciting and expanded format.

The Experiential Advocacy Program, formerly the General Practice Program, complements the traditional JD curriculum. Meshing substantive law with professional training, the hands-on program is designed to help enterprising students achieve their ambitions, whether working for themselves or in the public, nonprofit or private sectors. An Experiential Advocacy Program Certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed all four semesters of the program, during their 2L and 3L years, in addition to their JD.

The Experiential Advocacy Certificate requires a minimum of 16 credits of approved coursework. Students must complete a Declaration Form and file it with the Registrar by the end of their 4th semester. Declaration Forms are available here, from the Registrar or in the the XAd office in 105 Waterman. The list below is of approved courses for credit toward the Experiential Advocacy Certificate. At the discretion of the Director, there may be additional non-curricular requirements that students must meet in order to receive the Certificate. These requirements may include but are not limited to attendance at professional and related events, keeping of journals, submission of Practice of Law Memos and other reflective work.

Course Options:

  • ADR6425 Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation (2/3)
  • ADR6424 Interviewing and Counseling (2)
  • ADR6413 Mediation Advocacy (2)
  • ADR6420 Negotiation (2)
  • BUS6226 Corporate Finance (2)
  • BUS6246 Employment Law Practice (1)
  • CRI7307 Criminal Practice and Procedure (2/4)
  • CRI7331 Impaired Driving (2/3)
  • FAM7715/7717 Family Law with Optional Practice (2/4)
  • LIT7220 Trial Practice (2)
  • GPP7806 Domestic Relations (4)
  • XAD7823 Bankruptcy, Collections, and Foreclosure/Landlord-Tenant (2)
  • XAD7810 Commercial Transactions (2)
  • XAD7817 Criminal Procedure: Bail to Jail (2)
  • XAD7816 Employment Law/Pre-Trial Litigation (2)
  • XAD7819 Environmental Issues in Business Transactions (2)
  • XAD7821 Estate Planning/Personal Injury (2)
  • XAD7814 International Intellectual Property (2)
  • XAD7815 Municipal Law (2)
  • XAD7812 Real Estate Transactions (2)
  • XAD7818 Representing Entrepreneurial Business (2)
  • XAD7830 Legal Activism: Lawyering for Social Change (2)
  • Hacktivist Boot Camp (2/3)
  • E-Lawyering, E-Discovery and Big Data (2)
  • E-Lawyering — Practice Management (2)
  • Advanced Skills for Practice (2)
  • Improv for Lawyers (2)
  • Writing for Practice (2)


Enrollment in any VLS clinic or participation in an Externship/SIP may be substituted for one semester of the XAd. (4 Credits)