Student Experiences at the Center for Applied Human Rights

Allison Cameron


"The classroom component complements and guides our real-world work experience by providing a foundation in relevant international human rights law and allowing students to share their research experiences and tackle problems together. Being involved in this program has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my law school career."


Emily Flewelling


"Having the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Center for Economic and Social Rights exposed me to the real challenges we face as human rights advocates and significantly improved my ability to write effectively for an audience of international lawyers."



Joseph Kaifala

"The Applied Human Rights course was very important because it gave me the opportunity to apply my theoretical understanding of International Law and International Human Rights Law obtained at Vermont Law School to real life situations involving the recruitment and use of children in armed conflicts by non-state armed groups."


Jennifer Reinbold


"I received a fantastic opportunity through the Center for Applied Human Rights to write a report that was submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee concerning an area of law that I'm very passionate about. I feel honored to have contributed to this."