Masters and LLM Approved Electives and Experiential Options

Remaining Electives and Experiential Options Approved
ADR6410Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADR6415Environmental Dispute Resolution
ADR6425Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation (JD students only)
ADR6450Dispute Resolution Writing Seminar
ADR6450Advanced Dispute Resolution Writing Seminar
BUS6262Social Enterprise Law
BUS6305Nonprofit Organizations
BUS6350Nonprofit Management
CLI9302Envl & Natural Resources Law Clinic (JD or LLM students only)
CLI9405Dispute Resolution Clinic I
CLI9450Land Use Clinic (JD or LLM students only)
DIV7620Native Americans & the Law
DIV7628Indian Tribes as Gov'l Stewards of the Environment
ENV5105Administrative Law
ENV5110Ecology of Food & Agriculture
ENV5112Science for Environmental Law
ENV5115Environmental Law
ENV5125Land Use Regulation
ENV5205Air Pollution
ENV5209CERCLA Law & Policy
ENV5212Climate Change & the Law
ENV5220Environmental Economics & Markets
ENV5226Energy Law & Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World
ENV5227American Environmentalism
ENV5228Energy Regulation, Markets & the Environment
ENV5235Natural Resources Law
ENV5239Land Transactions & Finance
ENV5245Water Resources Management
ENV5246Water Quality
ENV5250Watershed Management
ENV5302Animal Law
ENV5303Advanced Energy Writing Seminar
ENV5304Comparative Environmental Law Research
ENV5305Environmental Ethics
ENV5310Environmental Health Law
ENV5335Extinction & Climate Change
ENV5342Legal Adaptations to Global Warming Impacts
ENV5346New Frontiers in Environmental Policy
ENV5349Regulating the Marine Environment
ENV5356Scientific Controversies
ENV5365Climate Change: the Power of Taxes
ENV5380Food Regulation & Policy
ENV5404Green Marketing Law
ENV5405Ecosystem Conservation Strategies
ENV5406Animal Rights Jurisprudence
ENV5423 Ocean and Coastal Law
ENV5446Environmental Justice
ENV5462Public Lands Management: Montana Field Study
ENV5468Oil and Gas Production and the Environment
ENV5474Land Conservation Law
ENV5476Nuclear Power and Public Policy
ENV5490Renewable Energy and Other Alternative Fuels
ENV5498America's Energy Crisis
ENV5500Environmental Aspects of Business Transactions
ENV5510Three Essentials of the Electric Grid
ENV5521Earth Law
ENV5540Public Health Implications of US Ag & Food Policy
ENV5560Envl Protection & the Law of Armed Conflict
ENV5561Environmental Enforcement and Compliance
ENV5570Feeding a Hot and Hungry Planet
GPP7819GPP Envl Issues in Business Transactions (JD students only)
INT7421International Environmental Law
INT7440Comparative US-China Environmental Law
INT7446International Trade and the Environment
INT7450Intl Investment Arbitration & the Environment
JUR7307Culture & the Environment
JUR7330Moral Philosophy Seminar
PUB7525Legislative Clinic
WRI7344Adv Legal Research (JD or LLM students only, must be env'l topic)
WRI7380Advanced Environmental Legal Research