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Call for 3-Minute Videos: "What is Restorative Justice?"

Submitted by ldubreuil on 7 September 2022
What Is Restorative Justice?  Call for 3-Minute Videos


"What is restorative justice?" This is an important question that can be difficult to answer. If we want restorative justice to take root in the criminal justice system and beyond, it is essential that we find creative and concise ways to communicate restorative justice to the public. In recognition of this need and in honor of International Restorative Justice week, the National Center on Restorative Justice (NCORJ) invites you to submit a 3-minute video that answers the question "What is restorative justice?"

Feel free to take a creative approach and integrate art, poetry, symbolism, metaphors, or anything that sparks your imagination that you think would help to achieve a broader understanding of the philosophy and practice of restorative justice. The sky is the limit (with a hard stop at 3-minutes)!

Don’t feel that your video needs to be a final, polished product. This invitation is open to anyone with any level of technological proficiency and prior videography experience. Your submission can be as simple as three minutes of dialogue recorded on a cell phone camera.

Submissions are due on November 16, 2022. Please upload your video through the form below.

The video submissions will be featured on the National Center on Restorative Justice website ( at the end of November. Some submissions in part or whole may be featured in a future NCORJ video in consultation with the creators.

Long-term, the virtual gallery of all video submissions will be featured on the National Center on Restorative Justice website and will become part of the public domain. Please note that the National Center on Restorative Justice reserves the right to not post a submission deemed inappropriate for a general audience in the video gallery and on the website. If this decision is made, the reason will be communicated to the creator. By submitting a video you agree that the NCORJ may use and show the video at any time.

Please share this call for submissions widely!


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