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Printing Resumes

How to Print on Resume Paper Using Word or WordPerfect

  1. Go to File - Select Print
  2. Select Properties of printer
  3. Select the tab Paper Source
  4. Select Stack Bypass
  5. Click OK
  6. Select OK again at print screen (in WP this step is Print)
  7. The printer will beep and flash an orange light
  8. Load your resume paper in the stack bypass tray - adjust moveable guides to fit snug against the paper. (The stack bypass tray is located on the right hand side of the machine and drops down.)
  9. On the print monitor: If the printer display monitor is off, press the On/Off button and it will light up.
  10. Select System Monitor: You do not need a password to print to this printer. Bypass this by selecting the System Monitor in the lower right hand corner
  11. Select Paper Size LTR
  12. Hit Next
  13. Select type of paper. If you are using Bond paper then you need to select Bond paper in order to get a good quality print.
  14. Select OK

Your resume will print. 

If you need further assistance, contact Career Services.