Beware of Pirated Software
Symantec Antivirus
Postini Spam Filter

About Safe Computing

Safe computing means using the tools available to keep your data and the VLS network free from viruses and unavailable to hackers. Our PDF presentation, Safe Computing, gives the full details on threats to computers and networks today; for the short version, here are the basic rules for safe computing:

1. keep all software updated (use automatic updates)
2. use an antivirus program and schedule regular scans
3. use a firewall
4. block popups (browser setting)
5. use anti-spyware programs
6. use a spam-blocking utility (for VLS Groupwise email, that's Postini)
7. use secure passwords, and keep them secure (your computer should be password-protected, especially if it is a laptop)
8. clear your private data from your browser regularly
9. avoid storing sensitive information, like passwords. (Google desktop can cache your secure login information, for example; so be very careful when you choose your software settings.)
10. back up your data regularly
11. check the authenticity of a website's secure certificate before conducting an online transaction
12. think before you click - email and web applications are common sources of viruses and other nasties

If you need assistance with any of the above, please review the documents available here on the Technology website, and if you still have questions, come see us!