Click this link to install Symantec Endpoint Protection.  This location contains files for 32-bit, 64-bit, and Mac computers.  This installer is straightforward to install, but if you run into issues, contact Technical Services.

Windows 7

After clicking the link above, copy SEP12-32.exe (or SEP12-64.exe, if you have a 64-bit Operating System) to your desktop.

Installation Directions:
1. Double-click SEP12-32.exe (or SEP12-64.exe) file to run the installer.
2. Symantec will install and update.
3. Click Close when LiveUpdate has completed.

Mac OS X Instructions:

After clicking the above link, copy file to your computer.

Installation Directions:
1. Copy and double click icon to unzip
2. Symantec Endpoint Protection.mpkg will unzip
3. Double click Symantec Endpoint Protection.mpkg file
4. Installer window will open: This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed.
5. Click Continue then click Continue again
6. Click Continue to accept Software License Agreement then click Agree to proceed
7. Select a Destination to install. More than likely this will be your Macintosh HD drive and click Continue
8. Click Install. You will be prompted for your admin login and password. This is not your VLS login and password. These credentials were created when you set up your computer.
9. Click Continue Installation
10. After installation, you will be prompted to Log Out. Click Log Out then log back in. Symantec End Point Protection will be running.

To update Anti-Virus definitions:
1. Click the Symantec QuickMenu then hover mouse over LiveUpdate.
2. Choose to Update everything now
3. LiveUpdate will run and update Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac