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Adobe Acrobat Pro

How Create a "Typable" PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

1. Create a PDF document: Open your Word, WordPerfect, or HTML document and click "File" in the gray menu bar; then click "Print," and select Adobe Acrobat as your printer. Click OK to create the PDF.

2. Save the PDF file on your local computer.

3. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro: Right-click the file, click "Open With" then select "Adobe Acrobat" (not Adobe Reader).

2. Click "Tools" in the gray menu bar, mouse over "Typewriter," then select "Enable Typewriter tool in Adobe Reader..." You should see the purple Typewriter tool bar appear under the gray tool bar.

3. Save the file again. It is now "typable."

How to Use the Typewriter Feature in Acrobat

1. Open the file using Adobe Reader. If the file is "typable," you should see a purple bar at the top with a Typewriter icon in it.

2. Save the file to your computer by clicking "File, Save As" in the gray menu bar at the top of the window.

3. Click the Typewriter tool button to activate it. If you can't see the Typewriter menu, move the PDF window aside; the menu may be under your main window. You can drag the menu into the main menu bar for convenience. NOTE: If your Typewriter tool is not working well, you may need to update Acrobat Reader; version 9 is recommended. Click this link to get the latest version:

4. Click on the left edge of a field where you want to enter information, then type your info. (Use an X for checkboxes.) Repeat for each field.

5. Click "File, Save" to save the file on your local computer with the information you typed in.