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Threat Assessment Policy

Vermont Law School's Threat Assessment Policy

I. Introduction

Vermont Law School is committed to maintaining a campus and workplace environment that is safe and secure for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. As part of this commitment, we have established a Threat Assessment and Management Team (known as the TAM Team). It is empowered to assess risk and, in collaboration with others at VLS, as appropriate, formulate a response to situations where an individual's behavior or statements generate concern that he or she may present a threat to the health or safety of others. The TAM Team seeks to mitigate potential risks before they result in harm.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to amend Vermont Law School's Code of Conduct or other applicable policies and procedures.

II. Threat Assessment and Management Team

The Dean appoints the members of the TAM Team, names its chair and appoints new team members as necessary. The TAM Team reports to VLS's Emergency Response Leadership Team and will usually consist of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Diversity, the Director of Human Resources, the Vice President for Finance, the Manager of Buildings and Grounds, the Academic Dean, the Deputy Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, the Vice Dean for Academic and Administrative Affairs, and the Director of Communications. (Members of the team are listed in Section IV.)

Vermont Law's legal counsel serves as an advisor to the TAM Team. The school's mental health counselors are ex officio members of the team. Other VLS personnel and outside resources with relevant areas of specialization and responsibility may be called upon to assist the TAM Team. These may include other VLS deans, directors and managers, local and state law enforcement officials, medical personnel and other outside experts.

The Office of the Dean will be kept apprised of the team's work as appropriate.

III. Purpose

Based on the circumstances of a particular situation, the Threat Assessment and Management Team will engage in activities that may include the following:

  • Receive reports and gather and analyze information regarding acts of violence, behaviors of concern or statements or potential threats posed by individuals.
  • Develop, implement and monitor intervention strategies and management plans designed to respond to statements, behaviors or circumstances that generate concern that an individual may pose a risk of harm to a member of the VLS community. These potential risks include (but are not limited to) incidents of violence, threatening behavior or statements, unwanted pursuit, stalking or harassment.
  • Coordinate with appropriate authorities, including law enforcement, medical personnel and other outside agencies.
  • Implement reporting protocols and develop strategies to encourage reports from the Law School community.
  • Conduct periodic campus-wide awareness education for students, faculty and staff about threat assessment, threat management and the TAM Team's responsibilities. Such training and education will be coordinated with other departments, such as Human Resources, Academic Dean and Dean of Student Affairs & Diversity.
  • Keep apprised of best practices and participate in periodic training programs in threat assessment and management.

IV. Reporting Potential Threats

All students, faculty and staff should be committed to ensuring the safety and security of the campus and workplace.

Anyone who believes that an individual has committed or may commit an act of violence, is engaging in behavior or making statements that generate concern about the potential for violence, or otherwise may pose a threat to the health or safety of any members of the Vermont Law School community should report those concerns to the appropriate office:

  • A. Students: Concerns about statements and/or behavior involving a student should be reported to the office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Diversity: 802-831-1333

  • B. Faculty: Concerns about statements and/or behavior of a member of the faculty should be reported to the office of the Academic Dean: 802-831-1226.

  • C. Staff: Concerns about statements and/or behavior about a staff member should be brought to the office of the Director of Human Resources: 802-831-1308.

As is always the case, if it is an emergency, call 911.