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Professors Goodenough, Purdom in Huffington Post: Reimagining Legal Education

September 6, 2012

In a commentary titled "Reimagining Legal Education" in The Huffington Post, Vermont Law School professors Oliver Goodenough and Rebecca Purdom discuss how law schools are navigating the perfect storm of change sweeping the legal landscape, including technological advance, shrinking job prospects, escalating tuition and costs, regulatory change and heightened competition.

"As we recreate legal education in the current context of challenge and change, we will be most successful if we don't get too hung up on the old labels and divisions of labor. We probably need the same things to happen (content delivery, framing, memorization, practice), but we don't need them to happen in the old way or in the old order. We need to be willing to move the pieces around, turning the classroom inside out and upside down, so that new instruction approaches don't simply parallel old style learning, but rather that new models evolve that meet our ultimate goals even more effectively, with improvements in both outcomes and price. The freedom -- and the necessity -- to imagine is there, and law schools and other participants in legal education that embrace the opportunity are the ones likely to prosper in the decades ahead."

Read the full story published Sept. 5, 2012, in The Huffington Post.

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