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Professor Jackie Gardina writes in Huffington Post - Whites Only, Heterosexuals Only: What's the Difference Again?

October 2, 2012

In a recent commentary in The Huffington Post, Vermont Law School Professor Jackie Gardina criticized Washington Post columnist George Will for defending a New Mexico business being sued for refusing on religious grounds to photograph a commitment ceremony between two women.Image of Jackie Gardina

"Will not only concludes that Elane Photography should have the right to discriminate based on sexual orientation, he goes on to chastise the affected couple for bringing suit," wrote Gardina, whose expertise includes gay and lesbian legal issues. "Even more, he suggests that 'perhaps advocates of gay rights should begin to restrain the bullies in their ranks.' Or to put a historical spin on it: if there is a lunch counter willing to serve you, why try to sit at one that finds you repugnant? At least Will didn't suggest that the couple be arrested for challenging the Huguenins' policy as thousands of civil rights protesters were for seeking the desegregation of public accommodations. Separate but equal lives on."

Read the full article, headlined "Whites Only, Heterosexuals Only: What's the Difference Again?" and published Oct.1, 2012, in The Huffington Post.

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